• Jogging and Skating
To retain and to strengthen my fitness and as a compensation to my sedentary work I do these sports.
I try to find the balance between ambition and health. I use a heart rate monitor to control my training range. Normally I jog or skate for one hour.
  • Photography
Influenced by my grandfather, who was a professional photographer, I enjoy photography. Since I was a little boy I had my own camera. I like to take photos on any occasion: holiday, family celebrations, meeting friends. I like to keep inimitable moments on film. But I also search for special views for which I invest more time.
In addition to this I started to collect cameras of the brand "EXA" some years ago. I was given one type of this brand, it was my first single lens reflex (SLR) camera. This camera is still a part of my collection as are many other EXAs and some Prakticas. Additionally I collect lenses and photographic accessories.
  • Modell cars in scale 1:87
I own numerous modell cars produced by the German companies Herpa and Kibri. Primarily, this hobby is to satisfy my collector's passion. But I am also fascinated by the perfect implementation of big cars and trucks into such small and intricate models and the precision of their details. My main focus are models of lorries, especially tractor units. Unfortunately this hobby suffers from my passion for cameras, the steadily rising prices of model cars, and the lack of enthusiasm of my wife for this hobby ;-).